Wednesday’s Grace

Yesterday my mom arrived from Dallas. Two weeks ago she asked if I’d like a visit and said a heartfelt yes. We saw each other for a brief meal when I flew through Charlotte a long while ago, but no long visit since my hysterectomy two and a half years ago.

She’s here to help me with household tasks and to watch me after ECT (you’re supposed to have an adult with you for 12 hours afterwards) and to keep me company. Just after one day of being asked several times if I needed something, or getting help loading the dishwasher, I realized …

You never outgrow your need for mom’s care.

What a gift to be looked in on so often! What a gift to feel cared for even though “I only have a mental illness” as some relatives put it…

Those of you who have asked – what could I use, or what could others recently diagnosed with a mental illness use?

  1. Some Mom TLC if that’s available.
  2. But also some meals or help from friends with cleaning or straightening or grocery shopping if possible. We’re trying to find normal again and we’ll need help to get there.
  3. Some company, especially before and after any procedures or big appointments.
  4. And ask, “How is it with your soul today?” and be open to hearing the good and the disappointing.

Just a few thoughts based on just a few hours of mom being around. Use the ideas or find some others. Just about any checking in you might do with a person with mental illness will help us feel remembered.

7 responses to “Wednesday’s Grace

  1. Elizabeth Nordquist

    On my gratefulness list today is that your mom is able to be there with you! Wish I were closer to help with nuts and bolts. Do you have energy for phone calls? Meanwhile, I am daily holding you up to the Light. And prying that today, it is well with your soul.

  2. Stephanie Croom

    Hugging you and sending all the best thoughts I can muster up your way, friend. It would be fun to schedule a visit on your side of the lake once the spring thaw arrives. Maybe we can even get some other girlfriends together? Depends on your energy level, I would imagine. Even so. I want to see you and deliver a special round of hugs. Love you!

  3. Yay for TLC from your mom! Sooooo glad she’s there with you and Dave!

  4. Thank you for great suggestions. I look forward to being as helpful as I am able, friend.

  5. I just wanted to let you know how much appreciate your blog and your bravery in writing it. I’m also in ministry and have been dealing with a tough bout of Panic disorder over the past couple of months. You remind that I’m not alone and that there is hope, even if things only move in baby steps. Many blessings to you.

  6. Yes. I am living with my dad’s girlfriend right now. He’s 79, she’s a very spry 70. Living with her gives me the opportunity to have another person in my daily life, aroung the house, so that I do not isolate nearly as badly as I was for the past several months when I lived alone way out of town. Companionship, hugs, and “how is your soul today?” are so important, as long as it happens in a non-pushy, non-overly-intrusive way (at least for me). Be blessed, Deb…I continue to be proud of you. You are one of my inspirations. Together, we can overcome… 🙂

  7. IHiHoneybee, Mom here. It’s so good to be here with you. I only wish we did’ntt live so ffar apart.
    You are so strong; and I know you will find your way with our Lord carrying you(I only see one set of footprints)!
    I am looking forward to some siteseeing with you,but moreso getting to just be with you.
    Keep seeking the sweet things in life honeybee. I love you, Mom

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