Crazy Dreams


Symbols I'm Pondering: Sleep & Dreams

After a massage yesterday, I think energies in my body were stirred up, leading to several unusual dreams last night that felt as though they had deeper meanings. And you know you’re over-educated when you start applying Friedman’s system principles to your dreams! There was just something about these dreams that seemed like they were trying to heal something or start something new or remind me of a new path I’m on.


In one dream, I was again being chased by a tornado.

Tired of this dream image!

This is the third or fourth (or more?) time I’ve dreamed of a tornado, particularly one chasing me, in the last six months. I’ve been told that tornado dreams mean great upheaval is afoot. I am guessing that the upheaval of learning about a mental illness and changing behaviors to promote recovery is what that is about. Except I keep having the dream! So, maybe something else is ready to be upheaved!


In another dream – of the Friedman variety – I was setting limits of allowable behavior when others were asking too much of me. An individual who ran outside my usual circle of acquaintances kept wanting deeper friendship than I was capable of, even after that person had hurt me. Family and friends tried to protect me from that person’s communications, until one friend showed up who tried to plead the person’s case. I was convinced to meet with the person who wanted to be friends. Then I woke up, so I don’t know what happened! Hate it when that happens.

And in yet another dream, I was once again in the basement holding room of my college library where I spent hours binding periodicals and shelving and re-shelving books. I’ve had several dreams recently that I was back doing that again. So I wasn’t surprised to be back there again. Except now most of those periodicals and books were gone! I was concerned that they were missing until I realized they had found their way upstairs into the collection.

So, my dear readers, what do YOU think is going on in this crazy dream world of mine? Oh, and yes, I always have so many dreams, and always in such detail (I didn’t share all the detail here). It’s a gift or a curse, depending on how you experience it.

4 responses to “Crazy Dreams

  1. Boy, oh boy! You mean I’m not the only one with crazy dreams? Thanks for mentioning the tornado dreams. I had a number of them last year. Interesting to find out their archetypal symbolism. Thank you.

  2. Missing books, missing memories? (I’m an amateur.)
    This is a very coherent post. You write wonderfully.

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