Off to Frisco, TX


Question I'm Pondering: Too Soon to Travel?


Tuesday I’m off to visit my family in Frisco, TX, a suburb of Dallas. They moved there from South Carolina last year and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to go visit them in their new digs. I’ll be gone until the 16th but will post now and again while I’m gone. But since I’ll be posting from my phone, I may not try any cool things like songs and stuff for a while. But there may be enough drama to talk about as I try to visit family while staying stable with my new bipolar self. I’m sure it will be fine.

My therapist thinks it’s too soon after hospitalization, that family should come see me, and I don’t need to be traveling. My psychiatrist thinks it’s good to get away from ourselves, and family should be supportive. (Doesn’t mean they necessarily are, but that they when they are, it adds to the vacation from our problems.) So I decided to go and have made a lot of contingency and back-up plans to make sure I’m taking care of myself,  and have what I need to find myself should I get disoriented (GPS working on my phone, for instance). But mostly I’m not getting disoriented anymore. Just finding it hard to concentrate. #ohlooksomethingshinyontheinternet

2 responses to “Off to Frisco, TX

  1. I’m in Dallas, so drop me an e-mail or a tweet if you would like to have lunch. I’ll be travelling, too, (going to South Louisiana for my granddaughter’s birthday) from the 14th to the 20th, so let me know earlier, rather than later. I’d love to meet you IRL!

  2. I hope it’s way better than the therapist and you are making contingency plans for. Wishing you well, always!

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