Determining Your Values, Finding Yourself

So, today’s homework from the Outpatient program included a list of 200 values with the task to pick your top 10. YIKES! How about 50, or 25 even?

Symbols I'm Pondering: Who AM I anyway?

All of these 200 values are good virtues, and all of them play a role in our lives, but which 10 lead your life right now? Who are you, and what defines you right now in your life?

This was a much needed exercise for me, since I keep asking “Who the bleep am I anyway?” as I peel back the layers behind ‘pastor’ to find out who lies beneath.

Besides picking 10, we also had to rank them from 1 to 10. And pick 2 to turn into concrete actions. Here is my list:

  1. Health: To be physically and mentally well and healthy
  2. Growth: To keep changing and growing as a person
  3. Spirituality: To grow spiritually
  4. Balance: To live a balanced life
  5. Inner Peace: To experience inner sense of calm
  6. Beauty: To appreciate beauty around me
  7. Wealth: To have enough money to pay bills and give generously
  8. Justice: To promote equal and fair treatment for all
  9. Compassion: To feel and show concern for others
  10. Friends: To have close, supportive friends
  11. Purpose: To have meaning and direction in life
  12. Creativity: To create and take part in the arts

Yes, I couldn’t keep it to 10. Are you surprised?

2 responses to “Determining Your Values, Finding Yourself

  1. Love this list!!

    Interesting to think how many people in general would benefit from this exercise…or couples preparing for marriage to see how their lists mesh with one another?

  2. What a great exercise and how challenging to choose just ten!

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