My Schedule for Healthy Living

Taking one step at a time today, fighting ill feeling, though it is slightly better than yesterday. I do one thing then rest, staying in the present moment and not thinking of whole day. Here’s hoping I make it through my health schedule today!

In the hospital I made a schedule based on their schedule to help me with all the wide open time at home. It’s something that will help me stay balanced and healthy, I think.

8am Wake up Routine:
Meds, Feed Cats, Make Coffee, Load/Unload Dishwasher

9-11am Breakfast, Coffee & TV, Shower, Make Bed, Laundry, Clean Counters

11am Education, Class or Hobby (Workbooks, Journal/Blog, Read, etc)

12pm Lunch & Recreation or Art Therapy

1-3pm Out of the House: Errands, Coffee Shop or Library Reading

3pm Rest Time

4-6pm Exercise

6pm Make & Eat Dinner

7-9pm Social Time with Friends

9pm Winding Down: TV, Movie

10pm Get Ready for Bed

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