Reclaiming Space: Risky Business

A year ago, as part of my treatment plan, my spouse and I agreed that the bottom floor of our split level house would be my room – to read, to be artistic, to spend time in. It seemed only fair since my Spouse has a room upstairs for drums and musical equipment, AND the garage full of tools and parts and major equipment.

The only problem with our plan is that this bottom floor room has played host to all sorts of clutter since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. Boxes of wires, papers and receipts, pillows, pictures, toys for kids to play with when they visit (except they don’t), empty boxes from electronic equipment, electronic equipment. But mostly, boxes of wires and electronic equipment. Which for the record, Are Not Mine. 😀   I wouldn’t know what to Do with any of it!

Reclaiming this space has meant putting all that clutter in the middle of the room, repackaging it and finding places for it Outside The Bottom Floor. I started the process of Reclaiming This Space by eliminating Hundreds of my Books. And then I got the itch to fill that space, though I know not what to fill it with. But first it needs to be cleared and purged. Perhaps I’ll burn some purifying sage in it to help it be cleared out.

Today my mom and I got the rest of the Stuff That Is Not Mine into spouse’s music room. The room downstairs is so uncluttered! The space is opening up! The only thing left to organize is the home office area/nook which is a disaster area. But now that it’s the only cluttered space, it seems less overwhelming to tackle.

There’s a spiritual and scary part to this process. Now that the space is cleared, and it could be mine, what will I do with it? I think the downstairs space is also metaphor for my life. What will I do with my life – leisure, treatment and professionally? What energy do I actually have? What values will guide my search? What will fill my life, as what will fill this room?

Time to take some risks, eh?

4 responses to “Reclaiming Space: Risky Business

  1. A room of one’s own is a beautiful thing and it does seem like a metaphor. I pray that you will be gentle with yourself and that something beautiful will unfold for you and for the space, too.

  2. There’s nothing like a space to call our own…mine is here at the computer…Most of the time I’m left to do my thing…This sounds like a very positive thing!…and it sounds like you have a terrific Mom too… ~mkg

    • Thanks, Marilyn! Yes, mom has been fantastic to jump into this project and help me think through where things can be and so forth. I’m looking forward to a place of my own!

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