Ah, Home!

Finally released from hospital today after 8 days of changing ALL my meds. Not even just doses! The meds themselves. Surprisingly, my body took to them ok, and after all that observation to make sure, I’m home.

Back to the partial day anxiety outpatient program tomorrow.

As usual, I’m a little fragile and a bit susceptible to unpleasant thoughts. But that’s what my skills are for!

Here’s hoping for an even longer stay out of the hospital!

How you can help, you say?

  • Keep in touch, maybe more than you had been. It’s important that I know I’m surrounded by people who support recovery and stability.
  • Ask for real answers when I say I’m doing ok. Ask for specific thoughts or behaviors so that I can recognize them in myself waaaay before they are out of control and require intervention.
  • Check that I’m socializing. Isolation is Totally Inappropriate for my illness.

Thanks, everyone!

6 responses to “Ah, Home!

  1. Elizabeth Nordquist

    I am as close as your Facebook! Will do whatever I can from here…

  2. And you continue to be one strong woman.

  3. here’s wishing you much strength…

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