Free to a Good Home

Here are some things that I am letting go after the flood. They have had NO water damage.

There was a corner in the family room with non-book items from my time at the last church nearly 3 years ago. Crosses, papers, pictures. Many were water damaged and so they go. The other items need to find good homes. I’m sure going through this process is NOT helping my mood today. Nothing like grief to throw you over the edge, huhn?

I might even pay postage if you’d like them!

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3 responses to “Free to a Good Home

  1. Of items I posted – still left:
    Cup with Grape leaves,
    Xian Fish Necklace (suitable for use with Geneva gown, should you choose),
    Holy Toast and Devil Ball,
    head covering (Muslim, I think),
    and maybe the crystal cross.

  2. Hi I know i’m late to the party but I would love to have the cup with grap leaves the the fish necklace. I’m a seminarian (a year out from DX of BPII) and would love to carry them in to ministry with me. My email is or

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