Irritable Enough to Bite a Bat

Definitely a Monday today.

I’ve been struggling with irritability. It was so bad I was cross-eyed angry and irritable on Thursday. So much so that I couldn’t trust myself not to act upon the feelings. It was taking all I had not to do or say something I’d regret. My doctor advised Not going to work, which I happily followed. The only happy thing that day. My anxiety med didn’t even help, but I got a nap out of taking some…

Since that crazy Thursday, I’ve worked hard in our downstairs to keep unpacking and getting set up after the 6″ flood in the family room where we lost all the furniture and 2/3 of what we had downstairs. I’m well aware that stress is inducing irritability. I was less aware of the extent of my mood stability because of the stress. I’m pretty sure the chaos throughout the house because of the flood triggered something that Thursday. Then all weekend I felt myself coming down from that level of irritability and anger. I hoped that whipping the downstairs into shape would help. I think it did. I’ve actually spent a fair amount of time in the cozy reading or game-playing area.

Part of the downstairs that we re-furnished for under $300

Part of the downstairs that we re-furnished for under $300

Today, a Monday, naturally, I’m still highly irritable. Many people are irritable and not very motivated on Mondays. I get that. I’m just very, very tired of the irritability that infuses all of my thoughts and feelings and, sad to say, actions. It’s hard to control. Now I’m tired from a day of work, and I’m irritable. Just as irritable as I was this morning, only now I’m tired too.

Is there someone’s head I can bite off? Not sure a bat would be as satisfying…

6 responses to “Irritable Enough to Bite a Bat

  1. I volunteer my head. I’m sure it would be quite tasty as well as allowing you to exercise your impulses. Minty fresh!

  2. You don’t want mine. As sick as I’m feeling, I’m pretty sure it would taste quite bad. Not helpful. I do have a student or two I could volunteer, but I’m sure there’s rules of some kind against that.

  3. Marilyn Griffin

    with me feeling the same way from taking cold meds…we would not be a good team…feel better…I hope to!”’your room looks very comfy…

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