Hospital Diaries – Last Entry

I hope you’ve enjoyed, or learned something, from the ramblings of someone in the midst of treatment in the hospital. This entry is harder. No hard feelings meant. Just ramblings and truth of what I need.

February 13

Feeling a bit better today. Less irritated. Less angry and upset. I can handle life as a depressed person today – I hope. That will be my goal.

February 16

Cranky post. Heard for 4 days now that getting a visit. No visit. Some phone calls. In the 29 DAYS I’ve been here, I’ve been visited TWICE. Most calls are one I call out. What happened to visiting the sick and in prison? And everyday I deal with family who wants med info when I want to complain about how hard this is and so all that happens is a pronouncement that treatment must be wrong then.

None of this is providing support. How am I supposed to go home and get support when I’m constantly asking and only a few are checking in. What am I doing wrong.

Angry, irritated, irritable, depressed, suicidal thoughts again. I want to go home AND not feel like crap. Is that too much to ask?

2 responses to “Hospital Diaries – Last Entry

  1. I dont know you but please know I truly hope for your recovery. People dont understand this illness so they ignore it and you are left dealing by yourself. My daughter deals with this everyday. There is no understanding when there are mental health issues. Please know your not alone. Keep trying and dont give up. Your doing a great job.

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