How to Spend Recovery Time

I’ve been doing pretty well prioritizing my energy toward physical wellness (See Building Blocks for the other commonly used “areas of wellness”). I’m even doing better having energy for other things in my life – dr appts, seeing some friends, household tasks, reading. This feels like progress toward my Balance with Bipolar, a dance that needs practice to get it right.

One challenge is still being reasonable about what I can really do – and not rushing what I can do so I don’t burn out and go back to start. I’m taking advantage of wise people in my life to help decide. For example, I have 8 opportunities from now through next Wednesday for things to do with MeetUp groups or DBSA or Handbell Rehearsal. CANNOT do them all – recipe for disaster! So, again, prioritizing that I’m going to workout in some way each day (30-75 minutes a day), I decided with others to immediately drop 3 opportunities, keep the 2 rehearsals, do 2 MeetUp groups, and one is up in the air anyway. I feel like this is a stretch and trial of what I can do. Yet I want to keep moving forward to get back to volunteering and eventually a part-time job again.

Because I’ve been doing well, I haven’t felt the need to sort anything out through this blog. I am still struggling through the grief of my separated marriage. I am still struggling figuring out who I am inside with this new start that I saw I needed while in the hospital so long this winter. But these seem like issues that need to be worked through offline. Sorry, friends. Some might appear from time to time, but one involves another person who didn’t ask to be put on the internet, and the other I’m trying to journal with no audience to see what happens. I might put it up though. It could be interesting to watch the process of “becoming” in a person with bipolar.


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