Residential, Continued

Looks like I have a discharge date finally – Sunday. I feel ready, even though I’m still working on lots of good things. I hope this stay and all the work that started here and will continue when I get home will keep me out of the psych hospital except on rare occasion, in the future, or never.

Meanwhile I injured my knee while exercising here. Then on Saturday, something in the knee snapped audibly. A trip to urgent care didn’t give any answers. Resting it and staying off of it as much as possible is the only thing that seems to be working. Steroids, NSAIDs, ice, ace bandage – all unhelpful considering there is no swelling. Maybe the steroids helped if there was something with the ligaments or tendons. Just hope it’s not serious and I can get back to exercising soon. My body misses it!

Looking forward to being home and seeing my friends and kitties!

3 responses to “Residential, Continued

  1. Sorry I’ll miss seeing you before you leave.

  2. Carol Howard Merritt

    I’m proud of you and all of your work, Deb. You are an inspiration.

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