It’s Time

I have come to the end of my time with family and becoming comfortable with healthy habits. That was the goal, and it took a few weeks longer than expected, but I made it. I feel ready to go home to try my hand at healthy habits and routines in my own environment. 

The only way this step is possible is that my mom is coming home with me for about two weeks. We get home on Halloween and she will keep me from getting overwhelmed those first few days with everything that needs to be settled. 

I’ve already paid bills and picked up meds for the month. Just need groceries (thank you Peapod for delivering most of them), a stationary recumbent bike from Play It Again Sports, and car care. Plus I have appointments with my therapist and with my psychiatrist. 

A busy first few days with trying to stay/establish working out routines and cooking routines. 

I’ve been on and off anxious, even knowing my mom will be there. My therapist is encouraging me to think of this as opportunity rather than anxious-making activities. I have the opportunity to remake myself for the better. 

So that’s the growth mindset I’m trying to have.

4 responses to “It’s Time

  1. Hi: I need someone to talk to. Someone who would understand. My husband and I declined and adoption placement of a baby girl. Bio mom and dad both have bipolar depression type 2. This happened in March of this yer but I still ask my self if we made the wrong decision. We wanted a baby girl so much!! Would you be so kind to give me your honest opinion about this.

    Thank you

    • I don’t know what to say. I’ve heard that if both parents have bipolar, then there is a high possibility that children will be too. But it’s not a death sentence. There is lots of support for parents too.

  2. I’m new to your blog but have bipolar disorder myself. I get anxious a lot and I really resonate with what you wrote here.

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