Revisiting Moving

So I’m going to Chicago-land next week for a vacation. I’ll see a lot of friends and I thought I’d see some sites I never saw when I lived there and revisit some too. I also researched a bunch of apartments I could afford in areas close to friends. Which brings up the idea of moving back to an area where I have friends and like the place and weather better.

My therapist reminded me that when I have repeated thoughts – or any thoughts really – I can decide whether to think about them and give them attention, or not.  I’m still wondering if I should move, especially back to Chicago. Hence, I have been looking at apartments in my old area. And maybe I should find a roommate so I wouldn’t be living alone.

Pros of Moving: culture and weather I enjoy, better situation for my cat, lots of friends in my life, good care team including excellent hospital, value of independence lived out, not living with family

Pros of Staying: live with supportive mother, partner in healthy behaviors,  money available for travel, good psychiatrist and therapist

Cons of Moving: extra cost and stress on mental health of moving, extra cost per month (less of an issue if have a roommate), take care of health alone, daily responsibilities harder cuz alone (unless have roommate, then this is not an issue)

Cons of Staying: living with family, not best place for cat, hate culture and weather, little independence, bad hospitals if needed, few friends

Either way I am taking care of my health and have a good care team, except for a hospital if I stay in Texas. With a roommate in Chicago I would still have some money for travel. With moving I would be living out my value of independence, though I would be starting fresh again which is hard on my mental health (changes are hard!).

What do you think is best with these pros and cons??

In other news, my doctor is confident the Abilify injection I started this month will have a HUGE impact on my mood swings – fewer and less intense. That has been his experience with many, many patients. He said that if I didn’t experience success with this treatment, I’d be the first. Yay! There is some hope?

4 responses to “Revisiting Moving

  1. I’m going to Chicago next week too! It’s the city I used to LOVE. I’m nervous and excited. Only one night with a friend to see other friends. I haven’t been since before I met my husband and honestly, he’s the reason I didn’t move there. If I could go back… I shouldn’t say that… but if I could, well I wish I had moved to Chicago. Have a safe and fun trip!

  2. Hi, just wanted to throw my 2 Cents here. I tried abilify and it let to me having huge appetite and I gained weight and I also had issues with sleeping. Now I am on olanzapine and if that doesn’t work out, will try lithium. In any case, I am currently thinking about moving to Santa Barbara. I feel ya.

    • Yeah, I was on abilify the pill and it did nothing except make me gain weight. I’m with a dr now who did clinical trials with the abilify injection and has had wonderful results. So I’m trying it. Have had no results from other meds, including lithium. Grrr.
      Good luck with moving!

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