Bipolar Fallout

I’m living with bipolar fallout, those symptoms that occur after extending yourself too much. I had two road trips in a week, followed by normal running around and then EMDR started in earnest. That was intense! I had fantastic trips. Then EMDR started all sorts of mental memories percolating and feelings being processed. Afterward I just needed a hug.

Now, a couple days later, I’m mentally and physically exhausted, with tons of anxiety despite meds. My thoughts are racing, clouding my ability to think and make decisions. My mood is still stable, thank goodness, but I’m living in fear it won’t be. I’m worried that the exhaustion and anxiety and racing thoughts will trigger a mood state. I usually pace myself for energy-exerting activities to avoid this kind of fallout that leads to fear and worry like I’m experiencing.

I’m just needing to veg out, I think, and practice breathing and grounding skills for the anxiety. But even doing that is tiring. I’m fried. Not even coffee is helping! Spending time alone away from family and the new puppy and then spending time with my girlfriend Is Helping. But I’m still recovering even after a few days away. I hoped that writing about it would help, yet I’m not sure this blog post even makes much sense.

11 responses to “Bipolar Fallout

  1. I like the term ‘bipolar fallout’. What you have described here sounds a lot like what I go through after a period of being ‘super functional’.

    Hopefully your battery can recharge with some down time and self care.

  2. It does make sense and it’s therapeutic to write your thoughts and feelings down. I suffer from bipolar too and I understand where you come from. My therapeutic gateway is music and reading. I can listen to almost any type of except hip hopper rap. Keep doing well and know there are lots of us out there and we don’t go through cycles together, therefore one is always available to help.

  3. I can certainly relate to wanting to veg out. Your deserving of it and you earned chillaxing.
    I went through a lot in the last week and a half, and I have spent a couple of days regrouping and recharging my batteries.
    You take care of you and I hope you feel better really soon. 😍😘

  4. Enjoyed your post. Can relate. I’m freaking out just thinking about going to a family reunion Thanksgiving dinner. Processing too much prematurely.
    Hope you solved your exhaustion issue. I usually hibernate a little. My husband understands thank goodness. Please keep blogging. It’s needed. Thank you.

    • Hi Yoli! I’m doing better, thanks. And Thanksgiving is starting to cross my radar too. I take a lot if breaks from family, and do a lot of deep breathing. What coping skills do you use?

  5. Bipolar fallout sucks. It’s so overwhelming. I’m fortunate in that I’m a stay at home mom with school aged children so decompressing isn’t out of reach for me. I usually eat my favorite food, nap, shower. It’s what works for me. I hope you were able to come back up to the surface and feel recharged again.

  6. This makes a lot of sense, living with bipolar and anxiety is EXHAUSTING. I hear you! Hopefully you were able to take some time out for yourself and recover.

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