Welcome to my blog! I’m Deborah, and this is my story about discovering I had a mental illness, a part of myself that helped explain the previous 30 years of my life as well as the direction my future would take. All experiences and stories are my own. You can follow this blog on Facebook by searching for @suddenlybipolar.


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  1. Just a quick hello for now – I found your blog via http://abbiewatters.wordpress.com/ and have read just a bit so far, but I really like what I’ve read – thank you for writing so honestly. I’m learning more about my own possible mania, and your words give me comfort and encouragement.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I’m consistently surprised folks find what I have to say encouraging, but oh, so glad that they do. I wish you joy and companions and comfort on your journey!

  2. Was reading the essay about whether a church should pull the plug. Saw section on bipolar–I share this with you; was 49 when I had my first spell of hypomania– had a lot of experience with depression before this in my adult life. An old lady (me) tells you that you are special and gifted. You WILL see the other side of this side as I have. My prayers.

  3. Hi Deborah,

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  4. Hi Deborah,

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  5. Hi Deborah, just stumbled upon your blog and I’m so happy I did! Will definitely keep coming back! 🙂

  6. i also just stumbled on your blog – living the past 3 years with my bipolar II diagnosis, and it’s helped frame many years of unpleasantness before it . . . looking forward to reading your story. i don’t know how to request a password, but i’m including my email address below so you can tell me how to go about that.

  7. I just found you blog and appreciate the honest and thoughtful posts. I look forward to sharing with readers of my blog links to your thoughts (hoping that that is OK).

  8. Hey Deborah, thanks for sharing in this space! I was diagnosed major depressive years ago and only recently did they tell me that it’s actually bipolar disorder. I blog over at kaitlynmauro.com (it’s mostly about my art, but also my life — new space). Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog is helpful and interesting to me and I am going to keep reading.


  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. Just diagnosed with bipolar disorder and moving into a new balance with life myself. Your recent post on thinking of doing more in a day hit home – still trying to manage my adaptation into this new reality. Spent a week in psyche ward and month in outpatient. Back home for 3 weeks now. I’m not sure how to request a password – had some disettling manic moments that landed me in the psyche ward and I’d like to learn more about the experience of others.

    • I’m glad you found the site! I’m pretty open about my experiences, including how many times I’ve been in the psych hospital. And lots of outpatient programs. I wish you the absolute best as you move into a new normal for you.
      For me, normal has meant A Lot of changes. But always in consultation with my doctor and therapist, and close friends who have seen me at my best and worst and whose opinions I trust. Sometimes more than my own opinion!
      I hope you have a growing support system of doctor, therapist and friends and/or family. It has been my saving grace.

  10. I have a doctor and therapist, 120 hours of intensive therapy, etc. The support system is trying to adapt as well – in time – I have to believe in them for them to believe in me. I have to learn how this affects them as well as me.

  11. Maggie Danhakl

    Hello Deborah,

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  12. Hi there. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I am also bipolar. My blog is at http://www.my-carousel.com I’d love you to read it and see what you think/make comments. Maybe we could have a go at doing guest blogs with each other or some kind of collaboration. I’d love to link to your blog on my site and would be very grateful if you linked to mine. Thanks so much.

  13. Hi Deborah!
    Just a quick message to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. There’s no pressure to accept it, it’s just my way of thanking you for having such a wonderful blog 🙂 Here a link to the post: http://savethebipolarbears.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/very-inspiring-blogger-award/
    All the best!

  14. Congratulations on your Healthline Best of Bipolar Blogs award!

  15. Nicole Lascurain

    Hi Deborah,

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  16. I am so happy to read your frank honesty. I have dealt with bipolar for 20 years now. Hospitalization , medication , ECT electro convulsive therapy and vitamins! The whole works. I’ve been in the darkness and now I’ve finally come out to a balanced happy life. I’m trying to share my story too and open up conversations for otgers. Please visit me at happybipolarlife.com

  17. Hey! I’ve been enjoying your blog. Thanks for all of your honesty It makes a difference for all of us. Hit me up at http://bipolarfirst.com for some fun times.

  18. Nicole Lascurain

    Hi Deborah,

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  19. Love what your doing here. It really looks good and its encouraging to me to see people sharing their struggles with others. Thanks.

  20. Hi Deborah, I’ve Just Recently Found Your Blog But, It Has Already Helped Me So Much .., I’d Like To Thank You For Your Complete Honesty And Sincerity … I’ve Been Living With Biploar For Years But, Just Recently Been Correctly Diagnosed As, Have Had Many Differing Diagnosis … Just Reading Your Words Well, They’ve Totally Resonated With Me And I Don’t Feel So Alone Anymore … Brilliant, Easy Reading Writing Deborah … Thank You Again And Please, Keep Sharing Your Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions, Experiences And So Much More … Much Love … Trish x

  21. I’m trying everything thing I can to help myself, and I just found your blog. I have had bipolar for around 20 years, and it’s such a hard struggle. Thank you for sharing your helpful thoughts, and feelings. You’re very encouraging!

  22. I also found out later in life that I was Bipolar with PTSD. I enjoy your blogs and hope they help you in your journey as well. Hey, if we didn’t have the voices inside our head and the beasts under our bed we wouldn’t be unique. For some of us it’s just a bit of a different struggle. Have a great afternoon!

  23. Dear Deborah,

    I will be publishing our ‘Top 10 Bipolar Disorder Bloggers’ article on the MyTherapy blog next week. I just wanted to let you know that your blog has been selected in the Motivation category. Here is the bio:

    “It is not unusual for people to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder well into adulthood, even if signs and symptoms have long-existed.

    While a diagnosis can come as a relief and explain experiences of years gone by, it is usually also something of a shock and requires a significant adjustment in one’s life.

    This scenario is encapsulated in the name of Deborah Matthew’s blog, Suddenly Bipolar.

    She was diagnosed in her mid-30s, despite having her first depressive and manic episodes in her teenage years. Deborah began writing her blog soon after, in early 2011, as a way of sharing her recovery journey.

    Deborah has blogged consistently since then, in doing so creating something of an open diary. She writes frankly about her emotional well-being, personal life, and treatment, such as electroconvulsive therapy.

    What is clear from the numerous comments her posts attract, is that her experiences strike a chord with many people living with bipolar disorder and her writing encapsulates emotions with which many people are able to relate.”

    Let me know what you think! I would be happy to make any edits for publishing the article. Likewise, if you would like to add a line or two about your blog (why you write it, what it means to you, anything along those lines) I can get that included.

    All the best,


    Dan Brown
    Landwehrstr. 60/62
    80336 Munich, Germany

    • Thank you for including me in your list! I write the blog as a journal, knowing I have friends and strangers read it. I don’t edit too much as readers will know from how much I talk about suicidal thoughts and how horrible it is to live with bipolar depression when I’m in that mood state. This blog/journal helps me think through my feelings so I can try to make sense of my experiences.

  24. Hello, Deborah… I have just literally started following you based on a reblog I saw. Listen to me, please… We are all here on hand to help you get through a very rough spell. I was suicidal 3 & 1/2 years ago and was given the same diagnoses. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Please contact the following number if these thoughts of suicide continue, or reach out to your local hospital.
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    Call 1-800-273-8255
    My name is Beckie, you can call me and talk if you want. 1-908-635-4129
    Wordpress is a tremendous support site with so many of us that have been in your shoes. You’re not alone!!! Reach out to any one of us!!!!
    Hang in there, Sweetie!!!

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