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9 responses to “My Comment Policy

  1. Deb, Thanks for letting me into your circle. Thank you for sharing with us this very personal journey. It is clear that one of your God-given gifts – that preachin’/teachin’ ability to articulate – has not been lost, and you are teaching even as you learn your own way. In some ways, it seems to me, the adjustment to being suddenly bipolar requires some of the skills you have already practiced to feel comfortable in other life roles – and forgive me if I am naive, but was it not a little strange to be ‘suddenly’ a wife, or suddenly a pastor, or …? Major difference seems to be that getting accustomed to other roles and life changes is made easier because we ourselves feel that we’ve have made a conscious choice. Yet mental illness is thrust upon one with all its terrifying power and is not something anyone one would willingly choose.
    I hear in your words and read in your responses that you are living in the midst of Deuteronomy: Choose life! Choose it today and choose it tomorrow and every day, one step at a time. I will be a willing member of the team that cheers you on. I cannot say “I know what you are going through,” but I do have a friendship with a bi-polar young woman, the high school best friend of my youngest daughter, and have seen her ups and downs. My first long-distance offer is prayer and more of it, thoughts and more of them, and a listening ear, if you need another.
    Love, Sue

    • Thank you so much, Sue! Not sure how I didn’t see this note when it was first submitted. But thank you for the prayers and thoughts and offer of a listening ear. It very much helps to feel not alone.

  2. Peace, sister-

    You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Bill Z

  3. Just wanted to say that I love you!!

  4. I came upon this blog because of the title and I haven’t read any of it.

    But I wanted to say that I was a bipolar and I learned how to cure myself [cure = don’t have now, and with out doubt will never have those symptoms again.]

    Here is how ; first you must prepare your self in two areas; A. total detoxification; metals parasites candida chemicals junk of every kind. Detox your gut organs blood tissue, AND B. what I call renutrification; real food diet, a lot more raw foods, supplements, exercise, yoga, ionized water, ect, ect…..

    then the main course; Neurofeedback; 40 sessions. the best is

    Of course there are many other things I did that helped immensely but those three were the heart of it ESPECIALLY NF [I tried many kinds but zengar was by far the best = safest most comprehensive].

    after clearing the BP I found “regular” clinical depression and a sever case of ADD “underneath”. these last I never knew about because the BP was so strong.

    I am now completely free of those mental pathology’s.

    Of course that journey wasn’t easy and neither is the one im on now ; building a life from the rubble. re establishing new relationships; I am Not the person I was. [28 year co dependent marriage now under real strain] and also no longer can relate to the life i lived . drugs and druggies for one small example. This is difficult; waking up in this mess of a life .

    but I am happy because now I CAN. and I am ; I am makeing good money now the first time in my 54 yr life.

    I know what you are thinking; a bipolar can often fool themselves and yes in the past I did.

    This is not that.

    Every day for the past 2 years I feel grounded, solid, reasonably happy, capable, even, calm, non reactive, clear and real inner steady peace … … EVERY DAY .

    I KNOW BIPOLAR and I dont need proof for myself, but the truth is this ; I sleep 8 hours a night with 0 or 1 get up in the nights. deep rest full sleep and I wake clear and refreshed EVERY DAY for 2 years now.

    Beat that, my brothers and sisters.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know.

  5. Hello! I saw your blog and was wondering if you could give me advice about how I could make my blog better or if you see something you like and would want to share it I would appreciate that too. Thank you so much

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